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Drizzle support for phpMyAdmin

April 27th, 2011 No comments

Yay, I have been accepted to Google Summer of Code for the third time! This year I will be coding my Drizzle support project for phpMyAdmin, which will enable it to be used with Drizzle.

Here is a short info on what I will be trying to achieve.


Implementing support for Drizzle in phpMyAdmin, which will allow users to utilize this tool with new, hopefully successful database management system.

Benefits to the users

phpMyAdmin will become a convenient tool for managing Drizzle databases, probably one of the first, if not first.

Project Details (abridged)

I want to look through phpMyAdmin code and test all features with Drizzle, making changes where necessary, so that at the end of upcoming summer all important features will work with Drizzle.

My work will encompass:

  1. Refactoring PMA_DBI_* functions to make them work with Drizzle
  2. Creating a set of functions for working with drizzle PHP extension
  3. Looking through all phpMyAdmin functionality to check whether it works with Drizzle, and making changes where necessary
  4. Removal of access to features which are unavailable in Drizzle core: privileges, replication
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