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Drizzle support for phpMyAdmin – plans for first week

Coding for Summer of Code is about to begin, meaning that for the next twelve weeks you will be seeing here weekly reports on my work. I have already set up my environment and made some changes to random bits of phpMyAdmin code, mostly to facilitate access to database metadata stored in information_schema and data_dictionary schemas. At the beginning I won’t be spending entire weeks on coding because my semester ends around the end of June, but changes introduced during that period will probably have the biggest impact on Drizzle support in phpMyAdmin – at the end of June all browsing and searching features should be working correctly.

Like in previous year, my public code repository lies at http://repo.or.cz/w/phpmyadmin/crack.git, with the work occurring on the drizzle branch. Demo version, updated hourly, is at http://demo.phpmyadmin.net/gsoc-piotr/. During the first week I want to make sure that the most basic functionality works correctly, i.e. we have correct and navigation frame and database/table lists. Some work on that is already done, but there are still some missing bits. If possible, I want to extract information on table and index sizes, which I should be able to do for InnoDB tables working with InnoDB plugin (HailDB doesn’t publish necessary information in data_dictionary).

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