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Drizzle support for phpMyAdmin – week 2

June 5th, 2011

With my semester nearing its end I didn’t have much time for coding, but I managed to get done with a few interesting things:

  • a new Plugins tab, which replaces Engines in Drizzle – it contains a list of installed plugins, with a list of features (engines, auth methods, functions, system views etc.) provided by each of them
  • created a Drizzle version of phpMyAdmin configuration storage, so all user preferences and other advanced functions are enabled and can work correctly
  • home page got correct wording for when user is connected to MariaDB or Drizzle database – no more indications that MySQL is used when it actually isn’t

In the future I plan to extend Plugins tab with some filtering and/or a second view, to provide a easily readable list of all plugin-provided features from one category.

During the next week I plan to concentrate on getting table Structure tab fully working, along with data browsing. Well, I say “get fully working” but in reality I want to go through all use cases and check whether it behaves correctly with Drizzle, and if it doesn’t – provide necessary fixes.

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