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Drizzle support for phpMyAdmin – week 4

June 20th, 2011

During this week I finished looking through Structure views and data browsing, there should be no critical errors there. I removed featured that don’t work with Drizzle (eg. views, optimize/repair table). Some things, like Export link, will start working when I actually get to that part of phpMyAdmin code. Part of fixes in these areas was to replace all SHOW FIELDS and SHOW KEYS/INDEX queries with function call that generates proper query for MySQL or Drizzle. You can expect this to fix random parts of phpMyAdmin that I haven’t yet looked at.

This time I struck three Drizzle bugs that can’t be circumvented:

And one thing that fortunately I can do without:

Aside from working on my planned tasks, I also took a look at the new server Status tab and made it work correctly with Drizzle, and enhanced it a little:

  • categories for variables not available in Drizzle are hidden,
  • there’s a new category – “Other”, which shows variables not available through other filters.

For now live charts won’t work on demo server because the AJAX query that updates the chart is broken – I am waiting for a bugfix to be merged to master, so that I can use it in my branch.

Main tasks for next week are Search and Operations tabs.

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