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Drizzle support for phpMyAdmin – week 8

July 17th, 2011

This week I looked at export plugins. At first, I started looking at code in master and changed all SHOW FIELDS queries to my new PMA_DBI_get_columns function. Aside from that, I fixed two bugs:

  • XML plugin couldn’t export any structure,
  • CodeGen couldn’t export table definitions,
  • JSON plugin generated invalid code when table was empty.

Having taken care of these, I improved CodeGen which now tries to convert column name to valid C# identifiers.

After merging these changes with my branch I took care of proper SQL export for Drizzle and took care of all remaining code that was incompatible with Drizzle. Other, smaller changes introduced during this week were:

  • ignore SkipLockedTables option for Drizzle,
  • remove SOUNDEX from supported functions – Drizzle documentation states that it is supported but apparently that’s a mistake,
  • some other small changes.

Drizzle bugs for this week:

During next week I plan to take a look at import plugins.

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