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Google Summer of Code 2010

May 3rd, 2010

A few days ago I got accepted for this year’s Google Summer of Code, meaning that during this summer I will do my best to provide the phpMyAdmin project with new features, along with five other students.  You can read about our projects on the official Google Summer of Code 2010 site or Planet phpMyAdmin, where all student’s blogs all aggregated.

If you want to know more about my project, read on to my proposal below.

User preferences


Implementation of user preferences for phpMyAdmin as a set of overrides for options in the $cfg array.

Benefits to the users

Users will be able to customize phpMyAdmin behavior and UI. It will be possible to export these settings and import them on different installation, making it easy to transfer preferences between distinct domains.

Project Details

In accordance with the original project proposal, pmadb will be used as permanent storage and settings will be stored in the $_SESSION variable. In the case database is not configured, users with modern browsers will be able to utilize HTML 5 persistent storage (localStorage, available on Firefox 3.5, Safari 4, IE 8, Chrome 4). User will be able to change all relevant PMA features which do not affect performance or security. After looking through config.default.php, I believe these settings should be considered for customization (not a complete list):

  • DROP confirmations,
  • show executed sql (ShowSql),
  • LeftFrame*, table comments in tooltips,
  • displayed rows,
  • INSERT form customization,
  • default files (DefaultTab*),
  • maybe export/import default options (possible use case: frequent imports with non-standard settings),
  • MySQL manual type,
  • window title,
  • SQL Query box settings,
  • hiding some tabs under one drop-down menu (eg. I have never used Designer or Query by example for database / Import for single table)
  • rows per page for table data browsing

User will be able to import and export these settings. Installation owner will be able to specify (in config.php or setup script) which of these settings will be configurable.

I am planning to carry out a simple poll on PMA mailing groups and possibly phpMyAdmin.net to gather more ideas.

Please let me know if you have any ideas about this project. All input is welcome.

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