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User preferences – week 10

August 1st, 2010

Despite encountering some bugs in my code, I managed to finish all planned tasks, i.e.:

  • some fields have an additional comment (denoted by a blue “i” next to them), with an information whether required PHP extension is available (for compression and validator), or whether field value has an upper limit (MaxDbList, MaxTableList)
  • users can change only_db and hide_db values

Other changes and fixed bugs:

  • user preferences forms now work correctly without output buffering
  • removed superfluous ob_end_clean() which caused page rendering to fail when OBGzip was enabled
  • fixed config file generation in setup script when users clicks Download without showing preview
  • further improvements to array formatting in config files generated by setup script
  • fixed some fields not saving due to equality conversions (eg. 0 == ‘auto’)
  • selected tab is kept selected when settings are saved

Additionally, “Validator” tab has been removed from user preferences.

In the next two weeks I intend to find and remove remaining bugs, check code comments and improve documentation.

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