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User preferences – week 4

June 21st, 2010

Report for 4th week of Google Summer of Code.

Saving settings to database took me longer than I anticipated, so not everything I planned got done during this week. After finding a proper way to handle pmadb and finding a good place to call settings loading, I hit an unexpected problem with input validation – setup script’s code allowed to actually save incorrect data after showing a warning (what, after writing it myself two years ago, I totally forgot). I modified the approach for user preferences to disallow it, so that users will be able to save only forms that pass all validation rules.

So in short, tasks done:

  • forms are properly styled
  • user preferences are integrated with phpMyAdmin: saving and loading works
  • added proper error handling when submitting forms with erroneous data

My plans for the next week include integration with setup script (setting which options can be configured by end users). If I find time between learning for my exams, I will also clear my backlog – add Import and Export options.

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