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User preferences – week 5

June 28th, 2010

Changes for the previous week:

  • setup script generates nicely formatted arrays when needed
  • new configuration oprion: $cfg['UserprefsDisallow'], allows to disallow user modifications to some values
    each setting in setup script that can be overridden by users now has a checkbox which allows to modify UserprefsDisallow
  • disabled options are marked as such in user preferences panel, tabs now have icons (I reused already available ones)
  • user preferences are applied immediately after save (at least from a user’s viewpoint), if any changed setting concerns the navigation frame, it is reloaded

In the meantime, Michal Čihař set up demo servers with all Summer of Code projects, updated to reflect current state of our repositories. If you are interested how we are doing, take a look:

My original plans for this week consisted mostly of clean up of refactored code, which is already done, so now I intend to take a closer look at import and export plugins. I have not decided yet whether I will duplicate all settings and put them in my configuration forms (the easy and inflexible way), or change plugins in a way allowing me to automatically read required information directly from their files (more complex but flexible, all future plugins and changes would not require any changes to user preferences).

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