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User preferences – week 8

July 19th, 2010

Tasks completed this week:

  • HTML 5 local storage – proper UI, if pmadb is unavailable user is asked whether settings from browser should be imported
  • import – allow to import configurations that fail validation, invalid fields are skipped
  • UI – CSS for Darkblue/orange theme, shorter inputs for numeric inputs
  • validation – valdiators can be configured by taking additional arguments, one field can have many attached valdiators
  • MaxDbList and MaxTableList options – in user preferences forms their values are bounded by the original value
  • bugs fixed: user preferences didn’t work correctly with fontsize and DefaultTheme, “restore default value” button in forms was always displayed, added a few missing string escapes in phpMyAdmin code, added missing validations for a few options, added missing comments to some functions

This week I want to:

  • store connection collation and language in user preferences
  • allow users to disable some options (eg. “Validate SQL” link, main frame information) which are enabled, but without the possibility to enable them
  • experiment with phpMyAdmin tabs and figure out a good way to hide some rarely used options under a menu link, something like:
    “Option 1” “Option 2” “More >”
    Hovering over “More” would show a vertical menu with hidden options, users wolud be able to determine which options should go into this menu
  • if I will have enough time, look into allowing users to set only_db and hide_db
collation_connection lang

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