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User preferences – week 9

Things done in week 8, aside from styling changes and bugfixes:

  • connection collation and language are saved to user preferences
  • better tab menu – tabs that don’t fit into the first line of menu are collapsed into a submenu; when window size changes, items are added to it or removed, depending on current window size
  • cleaned up config tabs JavaScript to be simpler, using jQuery’s functions
  • Developer tab (controlled by UserprefsDeveloperTab setting) with debugging options
  • Warnings tab with options to disable mcrypt, Suhosin and pmadb warnings
  • SQL Validator tab, allows users to enable SQL validation provided by Mimer SQL Validator Web Service
  • changes in Server tabs in setup script

This week I want to improve configuration forms and make them easier to use: include some more information (eg. whether required extension is available at all). I have yet to decide whether do it by adding information somewhere near such option, or use validation message for that.

Next, I want to look into allowing users to set only_db and hide_db.

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